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INS-DS-0268 CloudPoint Analyser

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The Icon Cloud Point Analyser from HMA INSTRUMENTATION provides an accurate indicator of the lowest temperature at which a diesel fuel may typically be used. The analyser uses advanced thermoelectric cooling and optical detection to provide exceptional results, and in most cases without the need for chilled water. The optical detector arrangement also provides excellent immunity to dissolved water in the sample, resulting in outstanding repeatability.

The cell is equipped with an LED light source, photodiode detector and thermoelectric Peltier cooler. Crucially, there is no physical contact between the LED, detector and measuring cell. To improve cooling performance and eliminate condensation, ice formation, and the effect of stray light, the whole system is housed in a patented, sealed containment vessel held under vacuum. The vessel features detection systems to monitor the vacuum and alert you to any sample leakage. The results obtained are compatible with those of any standard cloud point test methods such as ASTM D2500 and ASTM D5771/2/3.