Acoustic 3D solids scanner for continuous, non-contact level measurement. Excels in extreme dust, large silos, or domes with volume accuracy. Measures multiple points, detects irregular material surfaces, cone up/down conditions, or sidewall buildup. Unique 3D visual of silo contents. Only from BinMaster.

SmartBob II Inventory Management System
This electromechanical level gauge provides a reliable and accurate way of level measurement. It’s a cable – based gauge, which works by dropping a weighted cable onto the material surface while calculating the time …


Non-Contact Radar
BinMaster’s 80 GHz non-contact radar continuously measures the level of powders, solids, or liquids in a vessel. It excels in dusty powders and solids in tall and narrow vessels. Pair the NCR-80 metal-jacketed, lightweight plastic, or 1-1/2” NPT models or compact CNCR models with any BinCloud app.

Battery-Powered Laser
The battery-operated SPL-200 visible red laser eliminates wiring. Simply mount the sensor, apply battery power, and make the ethernet or cellular connection. It measures solids in silos up to 98 feet tall in low and no-dust environments. Compatible with BinCloud web apps or Binventory software.

SmartSonic Ultrasonic
SmartSonic ultrasonic sensors provide continuous, non-contact level measuring of liquid levels from .4 to 90 feet. Narrow beam transmitter performs in difficult applications, varying temperatures, and harsh environments. Use with digital panel meters or BinCloud apps for tank and open-air monitoring.

Guided Wave Radar
The GWR-2000 utilizes time domain reflectom-etry (TDR) to continuously measure the level of powders or solids with a dielectric as low as 1.3. Hazardous location approvals and a small upper dead zone. 4 -20 mA and Modbus RTU communication options, Connect HMI, PLC or BinCloud apps.

Flow/No Flow Detection for Solids
Single piece, non-intrusive sensor probe uses microwave Doppler technology for reliable, sensitive motion detection. Detects flow/no flow status of solids and powders in gravity chutes, feeders, pipelines, conveyor belts, or bucket elevators. Use to prevent cross contamination and material loss.


PROCAP Series Capacitance Probes
PROCAP capacitance probes offer fail-safe operation and “Quick-Set” calibration. Class I and II hazardous location ratings, remote electronics, and flush-mount design options. Wide assortment of probes and extensions ensure performance in challenging solid, liquid and slurry materials.

Vibrating Probes and Rods
The VR-21’s sword-shaped blade prevents material bridging and promotes material flow to prevent buildup on the blade and false alarms. Offered with rigid and flexible extensions and for sediment detection. Plus, tuning forks, solid round rods, and compact vibrating probes for smaller vessels.

Pressure or Diaphragm Switch
A diaphragm switch offers affordable level indication of free-flowing dry materials. It senses material pressing against the switch to activate a visual or audible alarm to start or stop a process or alert to high or low levels. Models for hazardous or ordinary environments, internal or external mounting.

Tilt Switch High Level Indicator
Simple, cost-effective level indicator to alert to high levels, clogged chutes or used as a load sensor. Installs in a bin, or over an open pile or conveyor. Switch activates an alert when tilted at least 15 degrees. Mercury free model top mounts inside a bin. Hanging model suitable for piles or inside bins.

Dust Emissions Monitoring
The DD-1000 detects particulate and baghouse leaks when installed in stacks, ducts, or pipes. It utilizes inductive electrification technology to alert via an alarm relay or 4-20 mA output when dust emissions exceed a preset point. Integrates electronics and sensing probe in a single unit.