BinMaster is a leading US manufacturer of point and continuous level indicators and inventory management systems for monitoring the level of bulk solids or liquids in bins, tanks, silos, and hoppers. Material management solutions include all-digital grain monitoring systems, flow detection sensors, and complete solutions using wireless devices and web applications to send data to a control room, console, smartphone, tablet, or PC. Robust custom systems can be developed for a single site or networked for every bin, tank, and silo across a multinational operation.

The company is a subsidiary of Garner Industries, a custom manufacturer of plastic and metal parts. Established in 1953, Garner Industries has ISO 9001 certification for quality management. Garner Industries is a diverse manufacturing company with a 65-year history. Established in Lincoln, Nebraska in 1953 as a small tool and die company, Garner embarked on developing an automated grain bin level monitoring system in the mid-1960s, giving birth to the BinMaster line of level-control technologies.
Today, Garner Industries employs more than 130 individuals in its 10 000 m2 facility. Its plastic injection moulding, mould manufacturing, CNC machining, and BinMaster level sensor products are sold in diverse industries worldwide, including agriculture, construction, cement, mining, biofuels, and food processing.