BMRX Rotary Paddle Bin Level Indicator

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INS-DS-0036 BMRX Rotary Level Indicator

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The BinMaster BMRX Rotary Bin Level Indicator from HMA INSTRUMENTATION is designed for controlling dry bulk material storage and flow in bins, hoppers, tanks, chutes, and conveyors. Typical applications include feed, cement, grain, plastic, aggregates, and wood products. The BinMaster BMRX can be used in materials with a bulk density as low as 30 kg/m3. By managing material storage and flow with the BinMaster BMRX, situations such as bin overflows, empty conditions, clogged chutes, and jammed conveyors are prevented. This eliminates costly spills, material waste, and unnecessary downtime.

The BinMaster BMRX Rotary Bin Level Indicator from HMA INSTRUMENTATION has few moving parts, and features simple and dependable operation. A slow-speed synchronous motor rotates a paddle that senses the presence of material at the level where the BMRX is placed. The technology and innovations incorporated into the BinMaster BMRX have resulted in a significantly-advanced rotary level indicator. The BinMaster BMRX is designed to provide security from system power failure, easy access to all components, and reliability through advanced circuitry. It provides the most cost-effective and easy-to-implement solution for level control.