Fireye Turbine Flame Sensor

Fireye Turbine Flame Sensor


VFS-2000 Turbine Flame Sensor
The Fireye VFS-2000 Turbine Flame Sensor from HMA INSTRUMENTATION responds to Ultraviolet optical energy from the flame (200-400 nanometers) and has a loop powered 4-20mA output representing flame brightness …

The all new Fireye Turbine Flame Sensor from HMA INSTRUMENTATION is specifically designed for turbine generators in power plant applications. It is able to sense flames under extremely high temperatures and pressure.
It is also suitable for other harsh applications such as: near steam boilers, waste incinerators, down-fired reformer furnaces, ground flares, rotary kiln systems, ovens and dryers in power generation facilities, oil refineries, petrochemical, ammonia plants, paper and pulp industries.

There is 1 model available:

  1. VFS-2000 Turbine Flame Sensor