Smoke & Heat Detection

In terms of its Smoke & Heat Detection in its Fire & Gas portfolio, HMA Instrumentation offers the following:

AutroSafe: AutroSafe from HMA Instrumentation is a high-end fire detection system for large and complex buildings.

Heat Detectors: Heat Detectors from HMA Instrumentation are used in rooms where smoke detectors are unsuitable, for example, where smoke normally occurs. Models include the Autronica Heat detector BDH-200, Autronica Heat detector BDH-500/N and Autronica Heat detector BD-200M.

Optical Smoke Detectors: In the event of smoke supply, light reflection will increase and the Smoke Detectors from HMA Instrumentation will go into alarm. Models include the Autronica Smoke detector BHH-500/EX, Autronica Smoke detector BHH-500/EXE, Autronica Smoke detector BHH-500/N, Autronica Smoke detector BHH-500/S/N, Autronica Smoke detector BHH-500/S, Autronica Smoke detector BHH-300, Autronica Smoke detector BHH-200, Autronica Smoke detector BHH-500/S/EX and Autronica Smoke detector BHH-500.

Multi Sensors: Multi Sensors from HMA Instrumentation are a combination of heat and smoke detectors and can be used where there is a danger of flaming fires, such as in kitchens. Models include Autronica MultiSensor BHH-520/EXE, Autronica MultiSensor BHH-520/N, Autronica MultiSensor BHH-320, Autronica MultiSensor BHH-220, Autronica MultiSensor BHH-520 and Autronica MultiSensor BHH-520/EX.