Knowsley SK

Knowsley SK

Knowsley SK offers complete firefighting solutions that incorporates highly reliable systems and equipment for use in all manner of harsh environments. With a century of expertise, continuous product development, and the backing of a worldwide support network, it is the first choice for high-value asset protection. With over 120 years’ experience, Knowsley SK is renowned for the design, manufacture, and delivery of innovative firefighting systems and products to ensure that its customers’ high-value assets are protected.

The Knowsley Engineering Company was established in 1896 in a former stable yard in Knowsley Street, Manchester in the UK. The 1970s saw major changes in the industry driven by the development of oil and gas platforms in the North Sea. The expertise and experience accumulated by Knowsley up to that point enabled them to build the largest water monitor ever built, with a 300 mm nozzle and measured water flows of 1 tonne per second (60 000 litres per minute) with an effective trajectory of over 300 m.

By 1984, Knowsley had formed a strong business relationship with sister company Saval Kronenburg, which eventually led to Knowsley being acquired and the two companies ending up as part of the same group. Knowsley was renamed as Knowsley SK Limited. In 1991, Knowsley SK moved to its present site in Trafford Park, Manchester, and continued to grow, opening up an office in Abu Dhabi in 2009 to support the Middle East markets, along with doubling the factory space in 2010 at Trafford Park.

Knowsley SK is now part of the High Value Asset business unit within the SK FireSafety Group, and continues to be at the forefront of fire-protection system design and supply to the high-risk oil, gas, and petrochemical industries worldwide, with a well-known range of specialist water- and foam-based products.