Knowsley SK Waterspray System

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INS-DS-0096 Knowsley Deluge Skid

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The Knowsley SK Waterspray System from HMA INSTRUMENTATION is a highly effective system for cooling exposed surfaces. The Waterspray System operates on the principle of creating a water curtain aimed at protecting process-plant equipment, as well as to mitigate hazardous gas-cloud formations, and to provide safe escape routes to afford workers a safe exit in the event of any emergency.

Key to the Knowsley SK Waterspray System from HMA INSTRUMENTATION is the deluge valve and its associated instrumentation and control. These deluge valves are available in a variety of sizes, materials, and configurations. They are often skid-mounted, including all ancillary isolation valves, instruments, and piping. In addition, they are constructed to NFPA 15, BS 5306 and IP19, as well as to any specific requirements.