Level State


Levelstate is the leading global manufacturer of level measuring and switching equipment for steam-generating plants. Products include Electronic Drum Level Indicators (EDLI), Electronic Level Switches (ELS), and Colour Port Type Direct Water Level Gauges (DWLG).

Levelstate EDLI and ELS are based on the conductivity probe principle, whereby resistivity discrimination between water and steam is used to provide the required indication. DWLG is a direct reading gauge glass, and operates on the principle of the differences in refractive index of different mediums (steam and water) for indication of the water level. Applications include boiler drums, feedwater heaters, deaerated feed water storage tanks, condenser hotwells, HP turbine bypass drain sumps, and cold reheat drain sumps.

For over two decades, Levelstate has been partnering with OEMs, EPC contractors, and end users by offering level indication and switching solutions. Levelstate products are installed globally, and are operating successfully in diverse industries from power to petrochemical, refineries, fertiliser, sugar, paper, cement, metallurgical, and chemical. Levelstate has a policy of continuous product development aimed at keeping ahead of anticipated customer demand. Levelstate provides innovative and cost-effective solutions to customers without compromising on quality.