Electronic Level Switch (Type 300MP)

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INS-DS-0111 ELS Type 300MP

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The Levelstate Electronic Level Switch (ELS) 300+ from HMA INSTRUMENTATION provides a reliable and cost-effective means of sensing water level in high-pressure applications. It is based on the conductivity probe principle, where resistivity discrimination between steam and water is used to provide the required indication.

Applications include equipment drains (control valves, soot blowers), receiver tanks (condensers, water tanks, deaerators), flash tanks and feedwater heaters, mainstream header drains, hot and cold reheat drains, turbine water intrusion protection, and high-pressure systems where float-type level switches are not feasible.

Distinctive features are a choice of one to eight channels, available for pressure ratings of up to 207 bar, a dual power supply with 100% redundancy and power supply failure indication, self-diagnostic features to detect open circuits, short circuits, contamination, or ground failure, DPCO high-capacity relays at each channel, adjustable time-delay output, an optional remote display unit, an optional explosion-proof version, and both horizontal and vertical validation being available.