Electronic Drum Level Indicator (Type 202B)

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The Levelstate Type 202B Electronic Drum Level Indicator is an approved electronic alternative to the gauge glass, providing a significant improvement in accuracy, visibility and safety, enabling transmission of the water level condition to a remote display and the application of alarm and control functions. It includes connections for two separate mains supply inputs to achieve ultimate security and reliability for the indication and control functions.

A total of 12 or 14 probes are spaced vertically in a sidearm water column that is attached to the boiler drum, with each probe connected to its own sensing circuit. The results are displayed on local area remote displays. The probes are spaced in the water column to suit the site range.

Process fault (alarm trip): Up to seven DPCO relays, which are configurable for normally energised or de-energised, with a time-delay action for 1 to 20 seconds. Process fault discrimination comprises respective channel flashing at 1 Hz.