With more than 15 years in industrial process instrumentation R&D and manufacturing, gFlow+ has grown into a global solution supplier of smart water network solutions for the water industry. gFlow+ is a leading smart flow/pressure sensor ODM (Original Design Manufacturer) solutions provider. Its product range also covers RF transmitter and data analytical software system solutions for clients’ utility and energy application.
At gFlow, we devote our technology, time, and talent to advance the smarter use of water. We look to a future where global water issues do not exist, and want to become the world’s trusted supplier in solving water issues. This sums up how we want to use our considerable resources to find solutions to our customers’ most urgent water challenges. By utilising three key technologies – namely IoT, modelling, and Artificial Intelligence – to sense, digitalise, and analyse, gFlow aims to provide cutting-edge technology and solutions to the utility and energy industry to result in a sustainable future.