Gas Density Meters

Gas density meters from HMA INSTRUMENTATION are engineered to reliably measure density- or density-related variables within the oil and gas, petrochemical, and power generation industries. These feature near real-time control signal availability, and a low cost of ownership compared to chromatography and other alternative measurement methods. Applications include fiscal/custody transfer gas metering, fuel gas analysis, burner control, ethane cracking and ethylene production, energy management systems, stack emissions analysis and control, LNG metering and control, calorific value estimation, specific gravity measurement, process/quality control, product identification and blending/peak shaving.


– Fiscal/custody transfer gas metering
– Fuel gas analysis
– Burner control
– Ethane cracking and ethylene production
– Energy management systems
– Stack emissions analysis and control
– LNG metering and control
– Calorific value estimation
– Specific gravity measurement
– Process/quality control
– Product identification
– Blending/peak shaving


Continuous, online density monitoring
– Measurement at true process conditions
– Insertion, sample by-pass and
pocket options
– Compact design
– Hazardous area approvals
– Converter electronics to suit application