Rupture Disks


Reverse Buckling Rupture Disks
Rupture Disks from HMA Instrumentation include Reverse Buckling Rupture Disks, Tension Loaded Rupture Disks, and Speciality Rupture Disks


Specialty Rupture Disks
Rupture Disks from HMA Instrumentation – Speciality Rupture Disks.


Tension Loaded
Rupture Disks from HMA Instrumentation – Tension Loaded Rupture Disks.

HMA Instrumentation has been supplying Rupture disc devices to the Australian market for over 50 years. Rupture disc discs are designed for a specific pressure and temperature, and there are dozens of key process factors that will determine the best rupture disc for an application and maximise service life. HMA Instrumentation takes the time to know your process, ensuring our rupture disc solution suits your process and needs.

Reverse Buckling (Compression Loaded) Rupture Disks
BS&B Reverse Buckling Discs have been engineered for superior life, ensuring you don’t experience costly downtime.

Forward Acting (Tension Leaded) Rupture Discs
The forward acting rupture disc design has been around for over 90 years old and provides a reliable and cost effective solution.

Custom Engineering Products
Ask our team about custom rupture Disc solutions to suit your specific application. If you have a bespoke application with size or weight constraints, or an OEM, we can tailor a solution to your needs.

HMA Instrumentation provides instrumentation and safety solutions across the entire range of industries. Our team of engineers and service technicians are factory trained, making them experts in their field. Our focus is on providing solutions that protect your people, assets and environmental reputation.