Fire & Gas Certified Systems

In terms of Fire & Gas Certified Gas Systems, HMA Instrumentation offers:

Det-tronics Ultra-High-Speed Detection and Releasing System: The Det-Tronics optical flame detection and releasing system from HMA Instrumentation is designed for the unique demands of ultra-high-speed applications such as munitions and other energetic materials manufacturing.

Det-tronics Addressable Smoke Module (ASH): The Det-tronics ASH Module from HMA Instrumentation enables devices such as smoke and heat detectors in non-hazardous industrial areas (such as living quarters and control rooms) to be monitored by the same EQP system monitoring classified/hazardous areas.

Det-tronics Agent Release Module (ARM): The Det-tronics Agent Release Module (ARM) from HMA Instrumentation provides agent release capability for the Eagle Quantum System. The ARM is located on the LON and is controlled by programmable logic in the Controller. The ARM can be programmed for single, cross or counting zone style initiation.
Det-tronics Signal Audible Module (SAM): The Det-tronics Signal Audible Module (SAM) from HMA Instrumentation provides two Notification Appliance Circuits (NAC) for controlling UL Listed 24 V dc polarised audible/visual indicating appliances.

Det-tronics Initiating Device Circuit (IDC): The Det-tronics IDC from HMA Instrumentation consists of a terminal wiring board and a communication module, mounted in an explosion-proof, water-tight enclosure. The IDC accepts two dry contact inputs for use with devices like relays, pushbuttons, and key switches.

Det-tronics Enhanced Discrete I/O Module (EDIO): The Det-tronics 8-channel EDIO module from HMA Instrumentation expands the input and output capability of the Eagle Quantum Premier system. The unit provides continuous and automated fire/gas protection while ensuring system operation through continuous supervision of system inputs/outputs and signalling line circuit (SLC).

Det-tronics 8-Channel Analogue Input Module (AIM): The Det-tronics 8 Channel Analogue Input Module (AIM) from HMA Instrumentation expands the input capability of the Eagle Quantum Premier System. The unit provides a means of connecting devices with a 4-20 mA output signal to the system.

Det-Tronics Safety System Controller (EQP): The Det-Tronics Safety System Controller (EQP) from HMA Instrumentation is a specialist technology for monitoring and protecting hazardous areas.