Det-Tronics Agent Release Module (ARM)

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INS-DS-0094 Eagle Quantum Premier
Det-tronics ARM (90-1128-3.2)

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The Det-tronics Agent Release Module (ARM) provides agent release capability for the Eagle Quantum System. The ARM is located on the LON and is controlled by programmable logic in the Controller. The ARM can be programmed for single, cross or counting zone style initiation. Optional time delay, abort and manual release sequences allow the output to be programmed for use in unique applications.
Provides local control of releasing solenoids
Capable of actuating a single solenoid or two solenoids simultaneously
Provides up to 2 amperes at 24 Vdc (for each output)
Monitors wire and solenoid coil for opens
Release simultaneously activates 2 output circuits
Each channel is supervised for open circuits
Active fault isolation