Liquid Density Meters

Dedicated density sensors from HMA INSTRUMENTATION allow for the continuous measurement of the density and concentration of liquids, liquid mixtures, and multi-phase fluids. The central component of these density sensors from HMA INSTRUMENTATION is an oscillating element comprising a fork or flow through the tube. The liquid to be measured flows through the element, which is electromagnetically excited and oscillates at its characteristic frequency. Changes in density result in changes in the characteristic frequency, which can be measured. The frequency is registered directly by the transmitter, and transformed into a signal proportional to the density and concentration.

Applications include process control and quality monitoring of fluids in industrial applications, and density mass flow conversion for custody transfer in connection with corresponding volumetric meters and flow computers. Features include direct measurement of density, reference density, or concentration, robust construction, high accuracy, two-wire technique, low installation costs, and a status message for preventive maintenance.