Denisty Meter – DIMF

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INS-DS-0040 Density Meter DIMF

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The DIMF density transducer from HMA INSTRUMENTATION allows for the continuous measurement of the density of fluids and liquid mixtures. The proven oscillating element principle ensures great accuracy, combined with excellent long-term stability. The robust design guarantees reliable operation, even under arduous process conditions.

The basic sensor of the density transducer is an oscillating element, with the liquid to be measured passing continuously through. Excited electromagnetically by an excitation coil, it oscillates at its natural frequency. Changes in the density of the liquid lead to changes in the natural frequency. This change in frequency, sensed by a pick-up coil, represents the measurement effect. An additional built-in resistance thermometer measures the process temperature, which can also be used to compensate for the temperature influence in the transducer. Each meter is calibrated with reference liquids of different densities.