DensiCheck TX from HMA INSTRUMENTATION is a cost-effective solution for monitoring the liquid concentration and density in a wide variety of applications. An in-line sensor and integral transmitter, the DensiCheck TX from HMA INSTRUMENTATION provides a continuous output of concentration to enable processes to be automated and optimised. The end result is reduced labour costs, improved process quality and lower running costs.

In addition, the DensiCheck TX from HMA INSTRUMENTATION is approved for ATEX installation. On corrosive, toxic or hygienic applications where a non-invasive instrument is required, Rototherm Canongate can design a customised solution. These sensors are typically fitted on a flanged or spool piece with a remote connection to the electronics.

DensiCheck TX uses the established principal that ultrasonic velocity (the speed that ultrasound travels through a liquid) is related to concentration. High frequency pulses are transmitted and reflected to their source. The time of transmission is measured using advanced high-speed electronics, with the variation converted by the on-board microprocessor to a signal representing the liquid concentration. Temperature is compensated for by an integral sensor, and the resulting value is transmitted via an analogue or digital signal to a suitable display or host controller.