Hobré is a worldwide leader in the design, manufacture, marketing, and maintenance of on-line analysers and sampling solutions. Since 1978, we have focused on continuous process improvements for our customers in the oil and gas, petrochemical, steel, power generation, metal recycling and refining, renewables, and dairy industries.
Established as a trading and distribution company for analytical instruments, we now sell worldwide more than seven different in-house made on-line analysers and sampling solutions. Online analysers measure Wobbe Index, Heating Value (BTU), CARI, hydrogen sulphide and carbon dioxide in gas, multiple elements in liquids, process safety and efficiency in (spray) drying by hydrogen sulphide and carbon dioxide measurement, and much more.
We strive for continuous process improvement, which challenges us to innovate continuously, increase our knowledge level, and optimise our working processes – enabling us to deliver the highest-quality online analysers and sampling solutions. We also help our customers optimise their production processes and comply with legal and regulatory requirements and environmental protection goals.
Our benefits include being a high-end worldwide market leader with over 4 000 installed analysers, high-quality products, flexibility, a wide range of applications measurement, global coverage in terms of spares and service availability, not a supplier but a partner, focused on efficiency, safety, and quality, meet compliancy regulations, and a ride range of certifications such as ATEX, ISO 9001, IECex, and CSA.