Water Columns

The Levelstate Colour Port Type Direct Water Level Gauges (DWLG) from HMA INSTRUMENTATION gives a direct reading of the water level. These are ideal for medium- and high-pressure steam/water applications. Levelstate gauges are reliable and maintenance-free, thereby minimising operating costs for the user.

Features include various levels of visibility and centre-to-centre distance, depending on the site requirements, a stainless steel gauge body to prevent welding failure due to carbide precipitation, thus ensuring long life, high-pressure block valves and medium-pressure stuffing box valves, and enhanced safety by means of an orifice spacer in the steam side, and a ball check valve in the water side. Applications are boiler drums, feedwater heaters, deaerated feedwater storage tanks, condenser hotwells, high-pressure turbine bypass drain sumps, and cold reheat drain sumps