The LEAKWISE product line provides breakthrough field proven Electromagnetic Energy Absorption Technology for reliable early detection and monitoring of hydrocarbon spills. Growing environmental concerns about global water resources make LEAKWISE systems critical for detecting and mitigating risk of water and ground pollution events by all industries that use fuels or any other type of oil.

Oil refineries, oil storage depots, petrochemical manufacturers, oil pipelines and distribution, power generation facilities, transportation, edible-oil manufacturers, and municipal and industrial wastewater treatment plants are a few of the industries benefiting from LEAKWISE technology. LEAKWISE systems round out environmental and risk plans, and ultimately save on operational costs.

LEAKWISE was established in 1990 as Agar Technologies Ltd. as a spin-off from Agar Corporation Inc. to harness the well-proven Electromagnetic Energy Absorption technology for environmental applications based on floating sensors. Two years later, the first ID-221 sensors were shipped to customers. In 1999, the company was acquired by Ionics Inc. and changed its name to Ionics Agar Environmental Ltd. In 2006, GE acquired Ionics Inc. into its emerging Power & Water business, and operated under GE Analytical Instruments. In March 2017, due to GE selling its Water business to Suez, the company went independent again as Agar Environmental Ltd.