The Leakwise ID-225 sensor measures the thickness and monitors the buildup of hydrocarbons on water. Many petroleum and power companies use it for monitoring and
control of oil layers in the following applications:

Remediation Control
On-line monitoring of oil thickness changes over time in groundwater wells to enable effective oil cleanup by using automated control of remediation.

Skim Tanks
In many processes, a skim tank is used to collect wastewater containing oil. The ID-225 may be inserted into a tank through an inspection hatch, enabling automatic start
and stop of oil skimming operation.

Monitoring Oil / Water Separators
Environmental regulations require oil/water separators monitoring. An ID-225 can monitor oil layer buildup in the separator without human intervention.

Wastewater Sewer Monitoring
An ID-225 installed in a sewer near the process area will detect and control big oil leaks at the source, reducing treatment plant load and preventing spills.