PSM Marine instrumentation

PSM Marine instrumentation

Established for over thirty years, PSM Instrumentation of the UK is a specialist in the design, manufacture, and supply of marine control instrumentation and marine protection systems for the marine transportation industry.

In March 2016, Scanjet Holding AB acquired PSM as a strategic partnering investment. Combined, the two companies offer a more comprehensive product range that completely fulfils the concept of Intelligent Tank Management (ITAMA), providing a single-source total package for the marine market.

We offer a total package of advanced marine instrumentation software systems and application solutions for designers, ship builders and end users to ensure vessels operate efficiently and reliably, and are compliant with legal, safety and environmental regulations.

These include TankView level measurement and supervision systems for ballast, cargo, service and bunker fuel oil tanks; BulkSafe water ingress and alarm systems to protect bulk carriers in accordance with SOLAS regulations; VentSafe cargo overpressure monitoring systems to comply with mandatory regulations onboard tankers; and BilgeSafe flood detection and alarm systems for bilges, voids and watertight spaces to comply with mandatory regulations onboard passenger vessels.

Working with engineers and designers, fleet operators, and maintenance and repair companies, and understanding the specific requirements of these diverse sectors, has enabled us to develop dedicated products and systems. We are a global leader in innovative instrumentation solutions for the marine market, providing class-leading products and services that exceed our customers’ expectations.