BLS 9200 Flood Detection Sensor / Float Switch

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BLS 9200 Flood Detection Sensor / Float Switch

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BLS 9200 Flood Detection Sensor / Float Switch

BLS 9200 Type Marine Approved bilge alarm float switch for liquid detection in voids, bilges and sumps.

All 316 Stainless Steel construction for operation in harsh environments, with metal slosh shield and integral test handle.

Bilge level sensors are a safety critical component for the detection of liquid in voids and sumps that are rarely visited or inspected by the crew. They need to be able to withstand years of installation in difficult environmental conditions, yet operate immediately and reliably should a rising liquid level indicate a leakage or flooding hazard.

The BLS9200 is designed for a long installed life and a low cost of ownership. When considering bilge alarm sensors, it would be easy for a ship builder or owner to make savings by using cheaper devices, often constructed with lower cost, less robust, materials and inferior design. We believe that this approach compromises safety, and is a false economy as maintenance and replacement costs will always exceed those of installing “the right device first time”.

The BLS 9200 Bilge Level Switch is designed, manufactured and approved to meet and exceed the requirements for severe service applications on all classes of marine vessels and offshore installations, and should always be the first choice for safety critical applications.

Some of the BLS 9200 Bilge Alarm Float Switch benefits include:

  • Rugged all-stainless steel design with EPR cable resistant to seawater, fuel oil and hydraulic fluid ensures reliable operation over years of service.
  • Compact in size with a mechanical mounting using a two-bolt mounting bracket means that installation and commissioning is simple and fast
  • Self-draining cage design provides full mechanical protection for the float and prevents fouling of the float from obstructions or floating debris in the bilge, to eliminate false-switching or failed operation.
  • Integral switch test lever allows full testing of the float movement and switch functionality ensures routine safety tests can be carried out for peace-of-mind.
  • Normally-open and normally-closed operation of the integral contacts and user-selectable cable lengths ensures the BLS 9200 can be tailored to each customers’ exact requirement.

To find out more, please download our BLS 9200 Bilge Alarm Sensor datasheet or contact us to discuss your requirements.