Hydrostatic Level Gauge (200 Series)

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INS-DS-0007 Electronic Level Transmitter

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The 200A Series Hydrostatic Level Gauge from HMA INSTRUMENTATION measure liquid level directly by the hydrostatic head pressure principle. The transmitters are not subject to the inherent limitations and errors of buoyancy, capacitance change, or reflecting type sensors when applied to foaming, vaporising, or turbulent liquids. Hydrostatic head sensors are also ideally suited to marine and vehicular duties where the tank is subject to pitching and rolling.

The 200A Series transmitters from HMA INATRUMENTATION is based on the well-proven Linear Variable Differential Transformer (LVDT) from Measurement Resources. Improved assembly techniques use advanced electron beam fusion welding and temperature ageing to ensure long-term stability.

The transmitter also features:

  • Use of a flush Hastelloy diaphragm
  • Cable outer sheath in Teflon
  • Improved temperature coefficient, over a wider range
  • Meeting International requirements for RFI/EMI and surge immunity
  • Reduced sensor mass
  • Optional integral digital indicator