HMA INSTRUMENTATION specialises in providing process liquid and gas analysers complete with sample handling systems, the detection of oil both in and on water, and on-line measurement of density and viscosity. The main focus is assisting with customers’ process control, optimisation, quality assurance, safety, and environmental applications.

HMA INSTRUMENTATION represents the world’s leading brands, including Turner Designs Hydrocarbon Instruments, GE Leakwise, GE Panametrics, Agar Corporation, ABB, Icon, Hobré, and AIT, among others. It evaluates applications expertly in order to propose the optimal solution. Services offered include design, supply, project management, commissioning, and servicing, with the ultimate aim of maximising return on investment.

Analyser applications include continuous gas analysers (multiple gas species such as hydrogen sulphide, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxide, sulphur oxide, and oxygen), moisture analysers (TLDS Laser and aluminium oxide), Wobbe Index analysers (turbine and combustion control), gas chromatographs (a field-mount version for natural gas), mass spectrometers (rapid real-time monitoring of multi-component gases), FTIR/NIR/Raman analysers (multi-point analysis of refinery processes such as blending), physical property analysers (vapour pressure, freeze point, cloud point, flash point, colour, and opacity), and manual sample panels (specialising in off-shore and petrochemical).

HMA INSTRUMENTATION’s oil-in-water applications include monitoring for oil leaks in stormwater or ground water with a floating oil-on-water detector, providing laboratory hydrocarbon analysers for testing oil-in-water and oil-in-soil in the ppm/ppb range, detecting traces of oil (ppb/ppm) in a flowing waste system, optimising oil/water separation by accurately controlling the oil/water interface level and dewatering of a process vessel, determining the percentage of oil-in-water or water-in-oil for a flowing process line, and protecting delicate reverse osmosis membranes and cooling and heating water systems from hydrocarbon damage and hydrocarbon contamination.

Whatever your process liquid and gas analysis needs, HMA INSTRUMENTATION has a solution for your specific requirements and industrial application. Our Analytics offering focuses on process control, optimisation, quality assurance, and safety and environment, thereby offering a complete solution. HMA INSTRUMENTATION has the necessary technical capability to evaluate individual applications, and propose best-practice solutions. This comprehensive capability ranges from design to supply, project management, commissioning, and servicing. This ensures the lowest total cost of investment.