Hi Rail Telescopic Boom Lift (EWP)

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MAT-DS-0002 Railway Maintenance Construction

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HMA Techniplan designs and supply a range of Telescopic Boom Lift Elevating Work Platforms (EWP) for attachment to Hi-Rail vehicles. The EWPs can either be permanently attached, bolted or attached with twist locks to the tray body of the Hi-Rail vehicle.

The spacious two-person basket with a working load limit of 300 kg maximises the space available for carrying tools and providing manoeuvring space for personnel. The compact basket size, combined with multi-axis boom including fly jib, enables the basket to be accurately and precisely located in the tightest of spaces in an around the overheads

Hydraulic and electrical systems are integrated with the Hi-Rail truck’s PTO, transmission and Engine Management System (EMS). This results in the very accurate and smooth control of the Hi-Rail vehicle when travelling from the cabin and accessing the overhead from the EWP basket. The Hi-Rail vehicle can also be used off track for accessing behind the masts and around the overhead equipment.