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MEKA MCC 70 Crushing Plant is ideal for recycling applications in urban environments. MCC Plant stand for powerful performance and easy handling, robustness and efficiency all over the world. Based on the philosophy of extremely high convenience for operators, plant is ready for operation without necessity of long training and within short setup time.

MJ 90 and MJ 110C; wheel mounted higher capacity recycling plants are also available from MEKA’s product range.

• Ideal for recycling, demolition and volume reduction projects in constrained inner city environments,
• Demolition sites where rebars should be separated from construction debris,
• Optional 3 deck screening plant downstream from MCC plant for product sizing.

• Fully transportable hook-lift type primary crushing plant complete with a MEKA MJ Series single toggle jaw crushers,
• All models are high-capacity, extremely versatile semi-mobile crushing plants suitable for urban recycling and demolition projects,
• The under-frame members are designed to the universal industry standard for hook lift frames and when off-loaded distributes ground loadings,
• Wheel loader or excavator feed; Feed hopper can accommodate both of these without any restrictions,
• Electrical drive; MCC Plants are ready for use with an external power supply, or with an on-board diesel generator,
• Loading device for transportation on a low-bed trailer.

• Work without the purchase and maintenance of a diesel generator, if external electricity is available,
• Simple and robust construction; The straight beam design chassis incorporates access and maintenance platforms to the generator and crusher and platforms to one side of the crusher feed chute,
• Quick set-up, just four electric motors are required to take the plant into operation,
• Soft-starter for jaw crusher, enabling usage of low kVA generators,
• Self contained electrical switchgear cabinet,
• Optional dust suppression system.

Mixed construction debris coming to the plant as a result of classical demolition methods passes through crushing-magnetic separator-screening processes, and then the material that comes out as a product is subjected to certain separation processes.

Since its current quality for use as aggregate is lower than the desired quality, windsifters, optical separation systems and manual sorting station can be integrated into the plant to improve the quality of materials and to separate the desired materials from the mixed waste.

With full experience of equipment designing and manufacturing in CDW recycling field, MEKA has researched and developed efficient integrated recycling technologies for choice. We have a skillful engineers team to provide most suitable CDW processing solutions for our clients.

We provide solutions for centralized waste process, which can handle a large amount of mixed demolition and construction waste, with strong production capacity, high stability and powerful functions. According to your specific needs, the entire system can include feeding and pre-screening, crushing, material sorting, cleaning, aggregate optimization, dust removal, water treatment and other modules.