Impactalum from HMA Wear Solutions is an impact-resistant alumina ceramic and rubber composite. The alumina is exposed to the material flow, and is fully-embedded in a specially-designed rubber backing. Impactalum is excellent for applications featuring high impact and extreme wear. The alumina provides a very smooth surface for material flow, which actually reduces its resistance to friction, along with an extended service life.

The rubber backing also helps to reduce noise levels within a plant. It is engineered to resist the size and type of impact experienced for each individual project. The rubber is pressed around the alumina, combining a process of high pressure heat and a superior bonding agent, which means that removing the alumina from the rubber is virtually impossible. Although standard panels are available, individual projects can be engineered. The fastening methods are rubber bonding, studs (M20 x 50 long), captive sockets, and plug welds. Applications include raw material feed-head chute-liner rock boxes, impact curtain skirt cards, and chute and bucket liners. The backing plates are made from plain rubber with captive studs, mild steel, 3CR12, or stainless steel.