Alumina Impact Panels

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WEA-DS-0017 Impactalum

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Impactalum Alumina Impact Panels from HMA Wear Solutions is an advanced impact-resistant ceramic and elastomer composite wear solution. Impactalum panels have the Alumina exposed to the material flow, while fully embedded within a specially designed elastomer. This makes it excellent for high-impact and extreme-wear applications. The Alumina provides a very smooth surface for material flow that reduces its friction resistance and extends the service life. The elastomer backing also reduces vibration and noise levels within a plant. It is engineered to resist the size and type of impact in accordance with the requirements of specific projects.

The Impactalum wear plates from HMA Wear Solutions use rubber as the bonding agent, pressed around and between the Alumina tiles and steel backing plate. The process of high pressure, heat and a superior bonding agent means that removing the Alumina from the plate is virtually impossible. Although standard panels are available, individual projects can be engineered by HMA Wear Solutions’ fully trained and experienced field engineers. The Alumina can be laid out with staggered or aligned joints. Both tiles and cylinders can be used of different sizes and shapes.