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INS-DS-0080 ViPA

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The ViPA (Visual Process Analyser) from HMA INSTRUMENTATION is an on-line instrument for the monitoring of particle and droplet sizes and concentrations. The ViPA can operate continuously on-line at high pressure and elevated temperatures. The ViPA package consists of the ViPA software set and a compact and robust measuring head (with a built-in cleaning mechanism) that can be located up to 460 m from the control computer. The analyser is installed on a bypass line close to a quill type sampler, this ensures the most representative possible sample is used.

Using image analysis techniques to differentiate between particles and droplets in real-time, the ViPA monitors up to 17 parameters about each particle and droplet continuously, including size and concentration. The ViPA software includes a set of trend algorithms that use statistical tests to determine if a process will exceed pre-determined specifications during a set period. This provides the opportunity to pre-empt process upsets by taking action before an impending problem occurs.