PointWatch Eclipse flammable gas detector from HMA INSTRUMENTATION provides the first line of gas detection, reducing the risk of a fire in demanding, hazardous, and safety-critical applications, in a range of different industries. In addition to the highly successful 9400 Series gas detectors, our PIRECL now offers an integral solution for infrared-based hydrocarbon gas detector.

The PIRECL Point IR Gas Detector from HMA INSTRUMENTATION can be factory calibrated to multiple gas types to suit specific site requirements. Standard calibrations include methane, ethane, propane, ethylene, propylene and butane. Additional gas calibrations are available on request.

What this means for customers is an accurate measurement of any flammable gas, in addition to the capability to be calibrated to known NIST traceable samples. Designed for offshore applications, The PIRECL Point IR Gas Detector from HMA INSTRUMENTATION is ideal for any application that requires sensitive and fast flammable gas detection for gas storage, hydrocarbon liquid storage, compressor, turbine, or HVAC applications.

The PointWatch Eclipse IR Gas Detector now has approved T90 response times as low as 1.5 seconds with the new fast response option. This response time and other configuration times were verified with weather protection accessories (baffle and hydrophobic filter).