Det-Tronics FlexSonic Acoustic Gas-Leakage Detection

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Det-tronics FlexSonic Acoustic (90-1208-2.1)
INS-DS-0095 FlexSonic Acoustic Detector
INS-DS-0201 Det-tronics Combustable _ Toxic Gas Detection Solutions

INS-CS-0014 Integrating Fire & Gas Safety with Process Control Systems

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Det-tronics AC100 FlexSonic Acoustic Gas-Leakage Detection from HMA INSTRUMENTATION adds a new dimension to plant safety and gas detection for a diverse range of industries and applications. Designed as a secondary level of protection, the ability to detect gas leakage in the early stages allows for dangerous situations to be controlled – before any potential faults can escalate into potential disasters.

The in-built software of the Det-Tronics AC100 FlexSonic Acoustic Gas-Leakage Detection from HMA INSTRUMENTATION allows for plant ‘fingerprinting’, and to filter out any background noises that would normally interfere with the detection of possible leaks. This performance feature gives the FlexSonic a class-leading detection range of 20 m. In addition, it reduces the overall requirement for the number of detectors needed to cover any site by up to 60%.