Kurz Series K-BAR 2000B Multipoint Insertion Thermal Mass Flowmeter

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Kurz KBAR 2000B

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The Kurz K-BAR 2000B multipoint insertion flow meter for combustion control and emissions monitoring includes the qualities and features found in all Kurz constant temperature thermal flow meters that make them outperform all other currently available thermal mass flow meters, including:

  • Ideal for large stacks and ducts with non-uniform velocity profiles
  • The highest repeatability, accuracy and reliability available
  • The fastest response to temperature and velocity changes in the industry
  • Capable of reading low flows that occur during start-up, shutdown or obstruction events
  • Easy installation and no maintenance
  • Sensors are dirt- and corrosion-resistant
  • Individual sensor optimisation for flow profile variations
  • Interchangeable sensor and electronics: No matched sets
  • Continuous self‐monitoring electronics that verify the integrity of the sensor wiring and measurements
  • Constant temperature thermal technology
  • Sensors do not overheat at zero flow due to a unique constant temperature-control method and power-limiting design
  • Zero velocity as a valid data point
  • Completely field configurable using the local user interface or via a computer connection
  • User-programmable dual gas mix interpolation
  • User‐programmable correction factors to compensate for velocity-dependent profile shifts
  • Velocity‐temperature mapping for a wide-ranging velocity and temperature range
  • Supports HART, Profibus DP and Modbus communication protocols
  • Patented digital sensor control circuit