Kaydon Phosphate Ester Fluid (Fyrquel) Purification

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The oil used in electrohydraulic control (EHC) systems can become contaminated with water and particles over time, with the oil in particular degrading to form an acidic by-product. Kaydon from HMA INSTRUMENTATION has a solution to this contamination with its Model 858-300-EHC Smart-Vac Vacuum Distillation and Kay-Bond Ion Charge Bonding Technology to purify phosphate ester fluids. The Kaydon 858-300-EHC from HMA INSTRUMENTATION uses vacuum distillation and ion charge bonding technology to control acid number (AN), entrained gas build-up, fluid resistivity, water, and particulates in these special oils. This is the ideal choice for quick and efficient purification of phosphate ester fluids.

Fyrquel EHC
Fyrquel EHC from HMA INSTRUMENTATION is a second-generation trixylyl and t-butylated phenyl phosphate ester self-extinguishing (fire-resistant) electro-hydraulic control fluid. The International Standards Organization (ISO) classifies phosphate ester fluids as HFDR, which are phosphate ester class water-free fluids that are both extremely difficult to ignite and inherently self-extinguishing. Other types of synthetic fluids are not self-extinguishing and are separately classified by ISO as HFDU class. Steam turbine operators should use self-extinguishing HFDR class phosphate ester Fyrquel fluids from HMA INSTRUMENTATION in order to obtain the highest level of protection from the risk of leaking fluid fires.

Fyrquel EHC from HMA INSTRUMENTATION meets or exceeds GE, Westinghouse, Alstom/ABB, Siemens, and most other EHC equipment OEM standards. Fyrquel EHC is fully mixable and interchangeable with later generation Fyrquel EH series products, and can be mixed or topped off in the same reservoir. Fyrquel EHC is maintained easily in near original condition for long service life, using standard offline chemical filtration. The Fyr-Check Fluid Analysis service program supplements the technical back-up available from technical experts.