Kaydon Fuel Conditioning

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Keeping fuels free of water and particulates is essential for long-term engine performance. With the tighter tolerances demanded by Tier 2, 3, and 4 engines, combined with the reduced lubricity of ultra-low sulphur diesel, never before has clean fuel been as critical to the dependability and performance of gasoline, diesel, or jet-fuelled powered engines. Even small quantities of water suspended in petroleum fuel can result in a loss of lubrication, premature engine wear, and ultimately engine breakdown.

Water damage can result in costly damage to injectors and cylinders, in addition to unplanned downtime that can take essential equipment offline, reducing efficiency, productivity, and profitability. To ensure that fuel supplies are consistently dry and free from damaging particles, it is vital to install reliable fuel conditioning equipment.

Kaydon Filtration Fuel Conditioning Systems (FCS)
The Kaydon Filtration FCS from HMA INSTRUMENTATION combines current and patented technologies for critical fuel filtration applications. Fuel filtration elements are designed and constructed with specially formulated laminates of pleated micro-fibre glass to achieve industry-leading filtration efficiency, water removal, and lowest flow restrictions.

The Kaydon Filtration FCS from HMA INSTRUMENTATION addresses these contaminants in four unique conditioning stages: Pre-filtering with Kaymax micro-fibre particulate filtration elements; gross water removal (free and emulsified) with the specialised Kaydon Filtration pleated coalescing element; residual water removal with Kaydon separator media; and final polishing (particulate removal) with a post-filter