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RST Instruments

RST Instruments have always developed innovative geotechnical monitoring instrumentation and been at the forefront of the engineering instrumentation industry since 1977.  More than half of all instruments manufactured at RST Instruments are specifically engineered to meet individual project requirements and have been designed with client input following field-testing or specific project necessities.  RST Instruments are partnered with HMA Geotechnical and achieve their goals by establishing and maintaining an effective and efficient quality management system. Both RST Instruments and HMA Geotechnical’s Quality Management Systems are based upon the requirements of ISO 9001:2015 and is intended to assist our customers in assessing our capability of meeting their requirements. The RST Instruments and HMA Geotechnical teams ensure that the services supplied conform to contractual, legal and internal quality requirements.

RST Instruments is represented by HMA Geotechnical in the following regions:

RST Instruments Australia

RST Instruments New Zealand

RST Instruments South Africa

RST Instruments Indonesia

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