Measurand designs and manufactures ShapeArray, a string of inclination sensors which is used to monitor the deformation of soil and structures like dams, tunnels, walls and buildings. ShapeArray is an automated shape-measuring, inclinometer-style instrument, which has set a new standard for ease of installation. ShapeArray data are available in real-time, enabling engineers and designers to reduce risk and save money by making smarter, faster decisions.

SAAV: The standard in custom built instrumentation to suit vertical applications.

SAAX: Purpose-built with longer 1 m segments for heavy-duty horizontal installation: soil settlement, rail-line deformation, and pipeline monitoring.

SAASCAN: Built for rapid deployment and repeated use. The instrument of choice for one-shot verification of the alignment of jet-grouting holes. Thick-walled 500 mm segments provide great spatial detail and resist damage.

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