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GEO-DS-0026 ShapeArray SAAV/SAAX

GEO-CS-0011 Safe Monitoring of Tailings
GEO-CS-0013 SAA Gas Pipeline Case Study

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Model 7300 ShapeArray (SAAV/SAAX) is a new alternative to Model 7200 in-place inclinometers and Model 7000 traversing inclinometers. ShapeArray is an automated inclination measuring instrument, capable of being installed vertically, horizontally, or in an arc. It has been installed across many mines and civil projects in Australia, providing high-quality data for the end user.


  • In-situ monitoring of unstable slopes
  • Monitoring of civil structures
  • Monitoring of open pit walls and underground excavations
  • Monitoring of drill-hole shape
  • Monitoring of Tailings Dam Storage Facilities (TSF)
  • In-situ vibration monitoring



SAAV is used for both vertical and horizontal applications, with the choice of either 250mm or 500mm segment lengths. It can be installed in Ø32 mm PVC casing, or Ø40-100 mm casing using the unique cyclical installation method. The SAAV can also be installed in an arc for tunnel convergence measurements.


SAAX is used for horizontal installations where settlement is expected to occur, with segments 1000 mm long. The SAAX cannot be used for vertical applications.

SAAV Extend

Inspired by feedback from mining customers relating to tailings dam raises, Measurand developed the SAAV Extend. This unique product allows an existing SAAV to be extended in length from the top end of the SAAV. Multiple extensions can be performed to support ongoing requirements such as dam lifts.

Silent Segments

Silent Segments are unsensorised segment lengths that can be directly connected to the bottom end of the SAAV, allowing a particular section of a borehole to be monitored without having to install sensorised segments down the entire hole. This can provide for a more economical installation when suitable.


  • Standard Length: Up to 150 m (SAAV), Up to 200 m (SAAX)
  • Segment Length: 250 mm (SAAV), 500 mm (SAAV & SAAV Extend), 1000 mm (SAAX)
  • Installation Orientation: Horizontal (SAAX & SAAV), Vertical (SAAV & SAAV Extend), Arc (SAAV)
  • Conduit and Casing Size: Ø32 mm (SAAV), Ø40-100 mm (SAAV), Ø60 mm (SAAX), Ø70-85 mm (SAAV Extend)