Submersible Tilt Meter


The RST Submersible Tiltmeter provides precision real-time remote monitoring of tilt of submerged structures. It consists of a MEMS inclinometer sensor and electronics mounted inside a rugged waterproof enclosure. The instrument housing is machined from solid stainless steel, providing extreme endurance for long-term high-pressure underwater service. The cable entry is a submarine grade connector, which provides watertight performance at depths exceeding 200 meters.


  • Remote, real-time monitoring of inclination of concrete-face rockfill dam slabs and concrete dams.
  • Monitor tilt of retaining walls, piles, and bridge piers.
  • Monitoring of offshore structures.
  • Installation of submerged pipelines.


  • Range (˚): ±15
  • Digital Tilt Resolution: ±2 arc sec. (±0.0006°) (0.01 mm/m)
  • Digital Tilt Non-linearity: ±0.0125% F.S. (±0.002°) (0.03 mm/m)
  • Digital Tilt Repeatability: ±0.0125% F.S. (±0.002°) (0.03 mm/m)
  • Analogue Tilt Resolution: ±5 arc sec. (±0.025 mm/m) (10Hz BW)
  • Analogue Tilt Non-linearity: ±0.05% F.S. (±0.0075°) (0.13 mm/m)
  • Analogue Tilt Repeatability: ±0.025% F.S. (±0.004°) (0.06 mm/m)
  • Sensor: MEMS Accelerometer, Uniaxial or Biaxial
  • Operating Temperature (˚C): -40 to 85