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Vibrating Wire Single Channel Data Logger

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The Vibrating Wire Single Channel Data Logger is a low cost, battery powered data logger, designed for reliable, unattended monitoring of a single vibrating wire sensor and thermistor.
Data logger setup and data collection is done using the Ultra-Rugged Field PC or a laptop. Multi-Channel or Host Software is also included.


Measurement of:

  •  Vibrating Wire Piezometers
  • Vibrating Wire Stress Cells
  • Vibrating Wire Pressure Cells
  • Vibrating Wire Temperature Gauges
  • Vibrating Wire Crackmeters


  • 128K memory
  • Weather resistant NEMA 4X (IP65) enclosure
  • 100 year memory backup
  • User friendly Windows host software included at no additional cost
  • Data stores in CSV format and opens in Microsoft Excel
  • Communication: RS232


  • Memory: over 30,000 records including: time, one channel frequency & one channel temperature
  • Frequency accuracy: 0.01% full scale
  • Resolution: 1 part in 65,000
  • Temperature range: -40C to 60C
  • Power source: 2 -AA batteries
  • Battery life: over 5 years/20 memory fills depending on temperatures and use
  • Dimensions: 150mm x 65mm x 40mm
  • Weight: 470 g