B&W Diamond Power Gas Temp RB Pyrometer

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Gas Temp RB Pyrometer

Optical Pyrometer for Recovery Boilers
The Gas Temp Rb optical pyrometer from Diamond Electronics uses a patented wavelength to directly measure actual furnace gas temperature- including minute changes in flue gas temperatures. The Gas Temp Rb can be used from boiler start-up to full-load operation.

Features & Benefits

  • Rugged design to withstand the fireside environment.
  • Small, lightweight design for easy installation and convenient portability.
  • Non-intrusive point-and-shoot.
  • Automatic retract and FlexRodÈ port rodder options available.
  • Use in a forced, induced or balanced draft boiler


  • Accuracy Absolute:
    • ±50ºF (±ºC) over full range.
  • Temperature range
    • 575ºF (302ºC) to 2800çF (1538ºC).
  • Calibration
    • Factory set, but field adjustable.
  • Cooling requirement
    • 60-100 psig, 35 scfm compressed air at <130ºF (54ºC).
  • Data outputs
    • Analog. Self- or loop-powered. 4-20 mA, 1500 volt isolation.
  • Measurement field-of-view 3º cone.
  • Operating requirements Environment: 0-185ºF (85ºC). Relative humidity: 0 to 90 percent.
  • Resolution 11çF (5.6ºC) over full range.
  • Temperature display Four digits, degrees Fahrenheit or degrees Celcius.
  • Weight 15 lbs (6.8 kg).