DTSAA ShapeArray Logger


The DTSAA Logger is designed to measure a single ShapeArray string. It is a small form factor data logger powered by a single lithium primary battery.

The DTSAA Data Logger enables stand alone and radio-telemetry data collection of Measurand ShapeArray instruments.

ShapeArray instruments can be incorporated into a wireless, or stand alone, data collection system by using the DTSAA Data Logger. The DTSAA can read ShapeArray sensors configured in low power mode, with up to 200 segments measured per DTSAA logger. If configured with an RSTAR radio, the data logger will transmit data to a RSTAR hub allowing automated data conversions.
Compatible with SAAV models with serial numbers 350,000 or higher.


Where automated collection of data, wireless or otherwise, is required from instruments that are bussed together along one single cable running the length of the entire chain of connected ShapeArrays.


  • Communications: USB, Radio (Optional – RSTAR Network)
  • Battery: D-Cell Lithium-Thionyl Chloride (LSH20)
  • Operating Temperature (°C): -40 to +60
  • Memory Storage: Up to 8000 segment readings
  • Enclosure IP Rating: IP66
  • Dimensions (mm): 190 x 75 x 55

Software & Manuals:

  • DTSAA uses DT Logger Host for configuration and connections via USB, this is available at the Measurand website as are up to date manuals.