B&W Diamond Power Sootblower Live Loaded Packing Gland (LLG)

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B&W Diamond Power Sootblower Live Loaded Packing Gland (LLG)

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The Live Loaded Gland (LLG) for feed tube packing maintains uniform, 360-degree compression without frequent manual adjustments, substantially increasing packing life and reducing traditionally high maintenance activity. Graphite foil packing continuously loaded by a high energy packing gland virtually eliminates steam and condensate leakage.

User Benefits: Prolongs packing life. Factory pre-loaded canister eliminates need to torque-set packing nuts and springs. Eliminates condensate and steam leakage. Design allows easy monitoring of packing wear and need for repacking BEFORE LEAKAGE OCCURES. Does not require additional clearance between rear of carriage and rear bulkhead.


  • Suitable for all IK-500, IK-600 and IK-700 Sootblower Models

Features & Benefits

  • Minimises Condensate and Steam Leakage
  • Prolongs Packing Life
  • Eliminates Torque Setting of Packing Nuts
  • Allows Easy Monitoring of Packing Wear
  • No Additional Clearance Required
  • Maintains Constant Packing Load
  • Compensates for Packing Wear