Rstar Radio Logging Network


RSTAR Array Radio Series uses wireless technology to provide automated data acquisition.

Deployed in a star topology from a continuously active L900 Rstar Hub Array based on 900Mhz range or 2.4Ghz spread spectrum depending on the country.
It covers the majority of the DT logger range.

  • Excellent Hub Range up to 14km in open country
  • Ultra-low quiescent power. (Nodes powered by 1 x Lithium battery with up to 7 years life.
  • Simple star or spoke wheel routing – NO Mesh
  •  Up to 255 L900 nodes
  • Simple node set up
  • Based on proven FLEXDAQ experience and technology
  • Multiple telemetry options
  • Data accessed at multiple locations
  • Data protected at all stages by encrypted, error corrected transmission and storage