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Oil is used extensively in all types of transportation. Oil leaks can occur during fueling and maintenance, and also during regular operation.
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Pipeline companies install oil collection containments in sensitive locations along the pipeline (e.g. near rivers and/or groundwater drinking wells) for oil leakage monitoring. When an ID-223 Oil Sheen Detector installed in such a containment detects oil or oil on water, it sets off an alarm in a remote location.
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Utilities have hundreds of transformer substations. In each substation, there are usually several transformers. Each transformer contains a high volume of cooling oil.
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Fuel fired power generation plants have several oil storage tanks for feeding fuel to the power units. Coal or gas fired power generation plants also have oil storage tanks to be used for start-up or as a back-up energy source.
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Water may carry oil leaked from turbine bearings and lubricating/cooling systems into deep sumps built under the turbines. In most plants, pumps installed at the bottom of the sump discharge the water directly to the river.
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Storm water accumulated on a concave floating roof of an oil storage tank may affect its floatation, making it necessary to immediately drain the water. This is usually done through a flexible pipe, running from the floating roof down the tank, with an outlet above the ground near the bottom of the tank.
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Hydrocarbon leakage, from Underground Storage Tanks (USTs) and from the bottoms of aboveground tanks, can seep into the groundwater, where it forms a floating oil sheen, growing to a thick oil layer over time. This layer, if left undetected, will eventually dissolve and cause severe damage to water quality.
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The unique capabilities of the Leakwise Oil on Water Monitoring Systems enable remote measurement of oil presence for: Site assessments, Recovery wells and remediation systems, Well closures. The data can be transmitted to remote data loggers or computers via local wired processor or via satellites, cellular, or point-to-point wireless communications.
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Leakwise Oil Spill and Leak Detection systems are installed in many oil/fuel storage facilities all over the world. The systems are being used in a variety of applications to address health and safety directives, environmental regulations and economic necessity.