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Aircraft hangar fire detection and protection systems are critical to protect the contents of the hangar and the facility itself. While a regional fixed base operator hangar might price out at $150,000 and a commercial jet airliner hangar at a few million, the commercial or military aircraft inside hangars can easily cost hundreds of millions of dollars.
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Oil is used extensively in all types of transportation. Oil leaks can occur during fueling and maintenance, and also during regular operation.
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Hydroelectric dams produce electric power by harnessing the force of the water flowing through the dam. There are numerous sources for oil spillage: The hydroelectric turbines are lubricated by lubrication oils, The very large water control valves are normally hydraulic powered and are lubricated with various greases and oils, Vehicles including fork lifts, trucks, etc, can spill oils and fuels.
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AAR MRO Services supports airline operators with everything from maintenance inspections and equipment upgrades to airframe painting and heavy maintenance for all major aircraft in service. The largest MRO operator of its type in the Americas, AAR recently opened the company’s largest facility, located at the Chicago Rockford International Airport.
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In 2012 a large refinery in New South Wales came to a realisation – it needed to convert to a fuel tank farm and subsequently reduce staffing levels. Such a significant change would inevitably lead to the challenge of upgrading its fire protection and detection systems, to allow the site to become more automated and responsive in emergency situations.
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HMA Instrumentation recently offered the Holiday Inn Rotarua a free of charge trial of the Fireye NXM2G Intelligent Boiler Load Controller. The NXM2G measures the supply and return temperatures of a hot water boiler systems via digital sensors and monitors the “call for heat”...