From its inception in 1907, Flexco has focused on maximising belt conveyor productivity. Whether you are a small farm in the Midwestern United States, a large mine in Eastern Europe, or a global parcel-handling operation with facilities around the world, we aim to become your number one resource for products and services that maximise your belt conveyor uptime, productivity, and safety.

Significant product advancements to the Novitool Aero Splice Press allowed Flexco to be first-to-market with an air-cooled press incorporating an exclusive Recipe Management Tool. Users can import, create, or modify endless splice recipes and ensure consistent, high-quality splice performance from operator to operator, and from tool to tool, for any specified splice parameter.

Flexco has also introduced two transfer solutions designed to provide smooth transitions of product over conveyor hitches and transfers. The patented Segmented Transfer Plates and Hitch Guards prevent product and foreign object debris from jamming in the transfers, minimising product and belt damage, increasing efficiency, and eliminating costly downtime in parcel-handling operations.

In 2017, Flexco launched the new Flexco XP Staple Fastening System in China. The patented XP system combines an enhanced hydraulic applicator tool with the longest-wearing staple fastener and hinge pin on the market. Designed for use with solid woven PVG/PVC and ply belts, the Flexco XP line was quickly expanded to include a manual applicator tool and multiple fastener sizes, and is now sold around the world for use in the toughest mining applications.