Knife Gate Valves

Knife Gate Valves
Our range of Valveco series 710 Stainless Steel Knife Gate Valves are market leading valves designed to meeting the demands of a wide range of markets & applications. Our Stainless Steel valves are designed & tested to AS6401 & MSS-SP-81 ensuring the highest level of quality

Valveco Slurry Tamer Knife Gate Valves
The Valveco Slurry Tamer Knife Gate Valves were developed for throttling of abrasive slurry media. The key benefit is that it centralises, rather than deflects, the media flow, thus reducing the downstream wear commonly…


Valveco Sewage Isolation Gate
Our Sewage Isolation Gates are designed and manufactured in Australia specifically for wet-well sewage pump station applications. This unique design minimises risk of ragging, its narrow face-to-face is ideal for confined spaces,

Technegate Knife Gate Valves
HMA Flow & Industrial are an authorised stockist and distributer for the Technequip range of products, including the market leading Technegate Knife Gate Valve.
The Technegate is a true bi-directional slurry knife gate valve with open-body design, and full


Valveco Wear Resistant Knife Gate Valves
HMA Flow & Industrial have a unique capability to develop wear resistant valve solutions; in working with our Wear Solutions division we can further tailor our valves to improve wear resistance or offer features that few others can

HMA Flow & Industrial offer a wide range of Knife Gate Valves to suit most industry sectors and applications, including mining, water, waste water, chemical, refining and general industry. Whether you are throttling, isolating or modulating we will have a solution for your application. Our range of valves are available in sizes from 50mm through to 1800mm, with many different flange drilling patterns.

All of our valves come with optional extras including pneumatic, hydraulic, or electric actuation, and all associated controllers.

Our range of valves include Valveco series Stainless Steel Knife Gate Valves, Technegate Slurry valves, Valveco Slurry Tamer, Valveco Sewage Isolation Gate, plus a range of options for our Wear Resistant Knife Gate Valves.

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