Valveco Slurry Tamer Knife Gate Valves

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FLO-DS-0107 Slurry Tamer

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The Valveco Slurry Tamer Knife Gate Valves were developed for throttling of abrasive slurry media. The key benefit is that it centralises, rather than deflects, the media flow, thus reducing the downstream wear commonly experienced with other valve types.

The valve is hard-wearing with a long service life, and can be easily and reliably automated. The valve is designed & built with longevity and ease of maintenance in mind; comprising a corrosion-resistant 316 Grade stainless steel body, with replaceable hardened tool steel inlet cone, tool steel gate, and a unique design tool steel ‘V’ port. The 316 Grade stainless steel body component in contact with the media is ceramic-lined to ensure its protected.

Many actuator options are available, ranging from handwheels, chainwheels, or levers to pneumatic cylinders and electric motors.

This valve can be further tailored to suit you application, please call one of our offices to speak with one of our valve specialists.